Ralphy Dreamz bets everything with "Nada Nuevo"


Step by step but firmly is how Ralphy Dreamz has been advancing in the musical environment, putting his proposal before many other opportunities in the opportunity to prove it to his audience through the theme "Nada Nuevo".

Born in New York, of Dominican parents, Ralphy seeks to continue gaining approval from the public in the Dominican Republic, where the theme "Celos" won a large field.

In "Nada nuevo", Ralphy Dreamz refers to the situation of a man who's love always shows his bad side and resigns himself to losing again and again.

"Maldita suerte amar a quien no se debe, la mente es fuerte pero el corazón no entiende. Nada nuevo entregarlo todo y perderlo todo en el intento"

The dream of winning the Dominican fans, little by little has become a reality, Ralphy's music has found a wide audience, who now seeks to conquer this one hundred percent danceable piece, enriched in chords and musical arrangements and that came to life under the direction of Sandro Rosario of ParkEastMusic.

Starting in the race at age 16, little by little it was also in the form of his proposal jointly with other talents, but the moment of Ralphy Dreamz only lasted a few years later to make a proposal with which he is achieving to open the borders, to love but also to dance a bachata rhythm and a large number of people.

Who has in his repertoire works like "Me Enamore", "Romantico", "Ultimo Trago", "No Lo Esperes De Mi", among others, has said that his greatest inspiration is "El Chaval de la Bachata", Knowing by a live album that we give him a cousin of his, highlighting the way of directing the audience and the way in which it corresponds, however, it is with Luis Vargas with whom he would like to do a joint work, for what he is pursuing through social networks.

Together with his team, Ralphy Dreamz is ready to further expand his career as a Latin artist.

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Contact: ParkEastMusic@gmail.com