Ralphy Dreamz "La Cita"


After having presented in his social networks a song like "Nada Nuevo" that is taking place right now in the Dominican and Salvadoran territory, Ralphy Dreamz puts his touch and voice to a classic of the salsa genre song such as "La Cita".

The Bachata of Ralphy Dreamz now seizes this melody that once shone in the voice of Galy Galiano, a proposal that takes on new energy and flavor thanks to the style and colorful vocal of the New York singer who knew how to keep all of his or her followers, until today that premieres "La Cita", not only in its audio version but also visual on its YouTube channel.

Ralphy Dreamz continues taking firm steps in the music scene, his music is crossing borders thanks to the digital platforms but also through the spaces he has won in the radio frequencies of different countries, giving proof of this through his social networks where his followers share the different media where they listen to their musical themes.

In his own style, Ralphy shares in his social networks that natural ability he has to give voice to various songs, testing the musical knowledge of his followers who are delighted with his versions of well-known songs.

Undoubtedly Ralphy is shortening the distance to take his show to the Dominican Republic where his parents are from and where he also spent part of his childhood, but meanwhile, continues to gain ground now in the American Union where he hopes that soon.

The digital platforms are also resenting the acceptance that Ralphy Dreamz is having among the public who loves the genre of bachata and constantly downloads figures are increasing, a response that also can be repeated with "La Cita"

“La Cita" by Ralphy Dreamz.