Ralphy Dreamz now invites "La Cerveza"


After the great acceptance that is achieving a song like "La Cita", Ralphy Dreamz seeks to continue entertaining the audience of the genre bachata and returns to romantic now with a single like "La Cerveza", to which he gives his touch and taste.

Very active is how Ralphy Dreamz is maintained because in his social networks he continues to show the great musical talent that he possesses through a great variety of subjects that have as objective, to conquer the public of several countries, being the turn now for the Dominicans to whom the young singer wants to invite to "La Cerveza".

The tropical version of "Una Cerveza" by the Argentine group Ráfaga, Ralphy Dreamz turns it into a bachata with a very romantic rhythm, a proposal that puts a new face to tell the story of a man who seeks to forget the death trap a woman who today shows him his lack of love, so he will dedicate himself only to alcohol.

The works that Ralphy Dreamz has been sharing in the different digital platforms and that to date are translated into thousands of reproductions as well as downloads, speak of the impact that is having its musical style which already runs through several Spanish-speaking countries, which keeps more than happy to the young singer who day after day seeks to continue increasing the number of followers in their social networks.

"Nada Nuevo", "La Cita", "Dime Que Me Amas", "Loco", "Un Ano" that sings a duet with Daniel Simo, are just some of the proposals with which Ralphy is getting the attention of the public in various countries.

Today Ralphy Dreamz seeks to invite everyone to "La Cerveza", to enjoy not only the lyrics but also the bachatero rhythm that has imposed and with which he intends to continue climbing steps to the top of success and popularity.

Shares with your friends and family, listen to "La Cerveza" by Ralphy Dreamz, today!