Que Nadie Se Meta Con ParkEastMusic!


The urban merengue Ala Jaza continues to climb steps in the music industry with its single "Nadie se meta", which in a few weeks was placed in the top 10 of Billboard Tropical, managing to surpass its success "Mi Forma de Ser" that it played along with Farruko & it made it sound all over the world, this was confirmed in the press release.

"Nadie se meta", song deserving of "Song of the year" in Soberano Awards of this 2019, is another hit by this young artist who in a short time has been placed within the favorites of the genre thanks to the contagiousness of his songs and his original style.

Park East Music, company directed by the experienced Sandro Rosario, is the one who will take the lead in the promotion of this topic, not only in the United States and Puerto Rico; but also in Colombia, El Salvador and Guatemala.

"Ala Jaza, an artist from Cazatalento Music, is today the most accomplished urban merengue artist of the moment, achieving collaborations with artists such as Farruko and recently with Ozuna, for his song "Baila, Baila”

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