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No se? What doesn't Ralphy Dreamz know about?!?!

In Ralphy Dreamz new single, “No Se” he elaborately expresses his thoughts regarding other people’s negative intensions and “vibes” as so called now a day. He states in one of his verses: “Nunca he dicho que soy más que nadie, Siempre el mismo Ande donde ande” meaning he humbly remains and will continue to be himself not changing his way of being. As the person he always has been, he expresses how he cannot explain to himself how people who portrayed themselves as his friends, supporters, or even team members could envy his success and wish anything but positivity and growth towards his career or personal goals. He is able to identify those who seem to be on his side. Moreover, creating distance from this kind of energy is how he will keep moving forward and not allowing such obstacles get in the way of his dreamz. 

Striving to the top with his head up high is the motive for this new movement of the bachata genre that Ralphy Dreamz is seeking to create. He continues to analyze the music game and work hard for his music to reach different levels of success as he always planned. Ralphy Dreamz strategically  skips the “make it till you fake it” part of the business that other people promote by simply being himself and proving that one does not have to follow a certain formula to be liked by others or in his case for his music to seize the new era of bachata. In this piece of work he demonstrates a resemblance of what he has been through along the way while still working without limitation to meet his vision. He welcomes all to stay tuned for what he is preparing for the near future to reveal as he eagerly cannot wait to share it!

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