Ralphy Dreamz Brings Back “Lo Que Te Queda”


Tireless is how Ralphy Dreamz stays on in his social networks he makes that clear because day after day, he surprises his followers with new and pleasant news like the one he now shares as he impregnates his voice and feeling to a classic romantic theme as it is “Lo que te queda”.

Some years ago, when this work achieved great success under the romantic style of Los Solitarios, a Mexican group that is still in effect in the public's taste and it is precisely the impact and permanence that it reaches, which convinces Ralphy Dreamz to impregnate its bachata sound and interpretative feeling achieving a pleasant piece to the auditory sense inviting at the same time, to dance in a very rhythmic way.

"Nada Nueco", "La Cita", "La Cerveza" are just some of the themes with which Ralphy Dreamz has been penetrating and remaining in the collective memory of the public, where he does not intend to leave, so his version of the subject “Lo que te queda” a romantic melody that today acquires a new rhythm and with which it seeks to continue opening a gap in the difficult path of music.

Ralphy's energy does not stop at this simple because "El Vecinito" is another step in the music, a forum that takes the opportunity to pay homage to those who with their proposal and dedication, have been his guide and inspiration to move forward and not give up, showing off their own sound, one of them the singer Joe Veras.

More than 3400 followers on his YouTube channel enjoy the work of Ralphy Dreamz, a figure that is still rising thanks to the constant activity and interest in keeping captive his loyal fans, with whom he tries to establish a permanent communication and know Directly what they expect from their musical proposal that is taking on large dimensions.

The dream of being a worthy representative of the bachata genre is crystallizing quickly, with it Ralphy Dreamz can be the pride of his Dominican parents and also of those who like and enjoy the chords of this genre that extends every day the corners.

“Lo que te queda” is another example of the enormous talent of Ralphy Dreamz who hopes to once again enter the radio scene and conquer the popularity charts.